Illawarra Outdoor Club inc.

The Illawarra Outdoor Club Inc. is a social club, which organises a varied program of social activities each month for its members. As the club is not a single interest organisation the activities are as varied as is the background of the members. Both indoor and outdoor functions are planned throughout the month to allow for good social interaction.

Activities may include a restaurant night, dance night, relaxed walk, bicycle ride, BBQ, Kayak or Canoe paddle, theatre, card and games night, theme party, camping, weekend trip, or an organised holiday of a few days or longer both close by or overseas. The variety of activities is only limited by the imagination of the members and their willingness to participate.

Club membership is open to both singles and couples and all newcomers are made welcome by the members. The club provides an excellent means for people who are new to the region to meet the locals and develop new friends. Others who find themselves single again also find that the relaxed social nature of the members make it much easier to start over again. Over the years many close friendships have developed.

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